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Professionalism and Speed 

Level of professionalism and speed is amazing. As someone who hates administration, it’s fantastic to partner with someone who loves it!

Jun 27, 2020

Team is Incredible 

Liz and her team are incredible, if you don’t use them (or are using someone else) you are burning money, time or both. Call them, call them now!!

Jun 27, 2020

Quick to Respond 

Liz is quick to respond, always helpful and is very conscious of client satisfaction. Professional and efficient. Highly recommend Liz!!

Jun 27, 2020

Hard Working & Pleasure To Work With

Liz is the hardest working of a person as I have ever met. Always willing to take the extra steps and put in the extra effort to see an event come together. Always a pleasure to work with.

Dustan Woodhouse
DLC Canadian Mortgage Expert

Jun 13, 2020

Respected & Trusted

I have known and worked with Liz for many years as a colleague in the mortgage industry. She was very passionate about her company, her peers and the industry. It is rare you find someone that has made so many friends in her place of work. I believe that is because Liz truly loves what she does and never considers it work. She was outstanding at making all around her comfortable and feel welcome. She was a true ambassador of her organization. Her ideals represented that of the company. She is a perfectionist and wanted things done right. That resulted in outstanding work every time. I highly recommend Liz in anything she takes on. She will succeed and make her involvement positively felt.

Yoursy Bissada
President and CEO at Kanetix

Jun 13, 2020

Out of The Box Thinking

I am pleased to provide a recommendation for Liz Hynes. Liz served as my Executive Assistant in my roles as both VP and later President. She would later add the title of National Events Planner in conjunction with being my EA for 9 of the 10 years we worked together. Liz was instrumental in helping Invis grow from a boutique brokerage to its number one position that it held in our final year there. Her ability to relate to our customer the mortgage broker was unparalleled and the relationships she forged were long lasting and memorable. Her desire to work at a high level and her ability to deliver on time, on budget, with above average results will hold her in good stead with whoever is fortunate enough to have her join them. In short, she is the consummate professional fueled by passion, her love of people and out of the box thinking. Liz will be a valuable asset to anyone wanting to add key leadership to their team.

Gord Dahlen
VP Retail Banking, Network Development, CFF Bank

Jun 13, 2020

Fantastic to Work With

I have now been working with Liz at Western Broker Services for over 3 years. She has delivered on all of her commitments to me and is fantastic to work with! I would recommend Liz to any mortgage broker who is looking to move his or her business to the next level.

Ian Vowels
DLC Canadian Mortgage Expert

Jun 13, 2020

Tremendous Help

Liz has been a tremendous help in my business. Her billing is more than fair for the work she does. The amount of time it would take me to do what she does makes her service worth every penny and then some. She is straight forward, honest and to the point. It’s a pleasure to be her client and I have no hesitation in recommending her services.

Graeme Hankey
DLC Producers West Financial

Jun 13, 2020

Service that is Priceless

I met Liz a year ago and my business has changed since then. Liz is a big part of my success as she helps me keep in contact with my clients in a very special way. My clients are my assets and Liz understands that. My business’ platform is based on relationship and Liz makes that possible. The service is affordable and the support that Liz provides is priceless. Thanks, Liz, you are awesome!

Andreia Brazil
Verico Xeva Mortgages

Jun 13, 2020

Extra Commission Earned

I began to use the services of Liz Hynes a few months ago. She has taught me how to “work” my Data Base and in so doing I have earned an extra $25,000. I never would have earned that commission. For example, due to the Birthday Card program, I got two deals last week that will earn me over $7,000 in Commission. Thanks, Liz. You are thorough, creative and timely. It is appreciated.  

Rick Brushett
Mortgage Agent

Jun 13, 2020

Best Year Ever!

Just wanted to take a minute to say that I am so grateful to you and your services. So much of what you have done for me and my business in 2016, I believe, contributed to my best year in this business. I am soon to be five years into the mortgage business and the vast majority of my business last year came directly from my existing book, either from past clients directly, or through referrals from past clients. This, in part, is because of what you do for me. Things that I know need to be done but don’t have the time for or simply don’t like doing. It has really contributed to a healthier state of mind in my business, knowing that all those little important things are being taken care of in the background and more importantly, that I don’t have to think about them because you do!  I can’t imagine doing business without you. You are a very necessary component to my success. Much appreciated as always.  

Sandro Mariotti
Mortgage Advisor

Jun 13, 2020

Better Service, Better Business

I did not have the time, or desire, to send out my own cards, gifts, etc. but knew if I wanted to vamp up business, I had to do something more than the standard “spam” birthday/anniversary/quarterly emails to my database. Since using Western Broker Services, the response from clients has been overwhelmingly positive and my referrals from existing clients have tripled. During the slowest months, the business has continued to increase because I’m staying top of mind. My business would not be where it is today without Liz at Western Broker Services!

Joy Kennedy
Mortgage Broker

Jun 13, 2020

Absolutely Amazing!

Liz is absolutely amazing to deal with! I always struggled with keeping in touch with my database after closing like sending my clients anniversary reminders, letter and Christmas cards. One of my colleagues raved about Liz’s services and I decided to give it a try. Liz is extremely personable, efficient and detail oriented! She now does all the marketing for me. I actually receive compliments from my past clients about how tight my mail campaign is and how much they enjoy letters and handwritten Christmas cards from my office. If I was doing it all on my own, it would never be done because I get caught is up in everyday business details and marketing becomes secondary. Liz also does a closing gift for me and also thank you cards. She takes care of everything!! I don’t know how she does it but every broker I know who works with Liz say that she is very important for their mortgage business and they don’t know what they’d do without her. I absolutely agree! I am now looking into having Liz do compliance doc packaging for me as well so that I can focus on growing my business.

Lena Larsen
Mortgage Broker

Jun 13, 2020

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