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  • Increase Efficiency and Increase Revenue

    Have one of our highly trained Virtual Assistants take care of specialized administrative tasks, freeing you up to do what you’re good at!

    Instead of being stuck behind your desk, why not free up some extra time for your clients?

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  • Harness Your Email List

    Harness the power of email marketing, and hire one of our specialists to propel you into email marketing mastery!

    Most business owners are sitting on their biggest gold mine! Find out how you can make your email list work for you.

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  • Modern Tools for a Modern Market

    No one has the time to keep up with the latest technologies.

    Hire one of our VA’s to stay on top of the latest technologies and marketing strategies. Propel your business into the 21st century market space!

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Donating 2% of all earnings to BC Children's Hospital Foundation

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What is a Virtual Assistant?

A Virtual Assistant (VA) is a self-employed, home-based business operator. A highly-skilled business professional who works off or on-site, providing a wide range of administrative support services. Regardless of geographic location, VA’s assist clients through the use of progressive technological means.
A VA’s objective is not only to provide exceptional service, but to build strong relationships with clients; to help clients succeed in their own businesses by taking over administrative tasks which in turn allow clients to focus their time and energy on daily operations, business development and generating revenue.